Task Switch B.V. is a consulting company founded in 2001 by Ger Schoeber. Task Switch B.V. combines a very wide experience in the areas of organisation, project management, knowledge of human resourcing, and architecture of embedded and real-time systems. This experience was built by contributing in a lot of projects at companies in the professional and consumer products market. An important aspect with these products is the combination of several disciplines like hardware, mechanics, physics and chemistry. It forms the ultimate challenge for the technical engineer.


Task Switch B.V. especially focusses at the business opportunities of its customers. It is not enough to only focus at the technical aspects. Explicit attention to the market of the customers products, the development costs and surely not least, the organisation and its people that create these products. 


At this moment, Task Switch B.V. contributed in projects for Nedinsco (System Engineering training & support), Vanderlande Industries (Project coaching & support), Ordina Technical Automation (Setting up & support of Compentence Clusters), Irdeto Access (Business roadmap), Impact Valley (architecting process and roadmap), Neopost Logistics Systems (ATAM architecture assessment, icw Sioux), Embedded Systems Institute (lecturer SARCH, ESA-stakeholders/software), Philips CE (System Architecture for high-end Remote Controls), Dräger Medical (extensive project evaluation), Sioux (Machine2World® Business Impact Analysis workshop),  ICT Embedded (Architecture Masterclass), Priva (system architecture), Fourtress (coaching), Océ Technologies (ATAM architecture assessment), Dräger Medical (workshop), Philips (management and architecting support plus project control), Philips Semiconductors ICE (management presentation), ALVA (evaluation workshop), Philips (large project evaluation workshop), Ordina TA (coaching), Esprit Management & IT-Services (project management support), Philips CTT (lecturer SARCH and ESA-stakeholders, Eindhoven-India-France-Austria) and the Hogeschool van Utrecht (visiting lecturer). And in addition, several publications in PT Embedded, Computable, LAC 2003 and Bits&Chips.


Ger Schoeber is both consultant and director of Task Switch B.V.. He started his first job in 1984 at Philips I&E. There he worked on DRM System®, building his knowledge of real-time systems. DRM System® is a distributed real-time operating system for the professional products market. He continued his career at High Tech Automation. Via this software house, since several years part of Ordina, he extended his technical and management capabilities by contributions to projects at Philips in Hilversum (PTDSN) en Eindhoven (Semiconductors), Océ R&D, Dräger Medical Electronics, Pepperl & Fuchs (Honeywell), Vanderlande Industries and Alcatel. These were projects like embedded software for motorway signalling systems, laserprinters, patient monitors, Fail Safe Control® systems, baggage transport systems, post sorting machines and digital TV set-top boxes. In addition he extended his experience with several management roles and technical consulting roles within High Tech Automation and Ordina Media.