Training: Personal Coaching for the embedded Software/System Architect

The architect has his roots in the technology. First as a technical specialist with a small but deep detailed knowledge of one or more subjects. Growing from specialist to technical generalist. He has earned his position in the organisation by his thorough technical know how and domain knowledge. However, becoming an architect, the world is broader than technology. Other areas like marketing, sales, production, logistics, service and maintaince are becoming more and more important. With all his knowledge, and all relations with these stakeholders, an architect plays a crucial role with a big technical responsibility. Both for the short term as for the longer term.


The training "Personal Coaching" supports the architect reaching his personal set goals within an agreed time frame. During the intake the goals are set. These goals are made concrete, measureable and realistic. This forms the basis of the "formal contract" for the rest of the coaching session. The coached person is responsible to define his goals. The coach is responsible to make the goals concrete. The intake results in a plan with a realistic time frame within goals are going to be reached.

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