Task Switch B.V. offers services from coaching to project management. Covered areas are from processes and organisation to technology.

Task Switch B.V. has more than 30 years of experience in the technical and embedded field of automation.



Coaching of architects, project managers, project leaders, team leaders, software designers, engineers and testers. The coaching process is easy and simple. Coach and coachee together create a programme or plan to secure the realisation of the learning points. Here the coachee is responsible to describe the learning points to ensure a high level of commitment and drive to reach the goal. The Task Switch B.V. coach has a very broad experience, but also a lot of expertise in guiding and helping engineers in reaching there goals. This enables the coach to switch easily to the world of experience of the coachee.


System Architecture & Roadmapping

Software or system architect for one or more projects. From project start until project end, or even for several projects at the same time. A good architecture forms the basis for projects or products and adds to the benefits of a business. Both on short and on long term.


Architecture Assessments

Assessment of an existing system or software architecture. During an assessment extra attention is paid to the adherence of the non functional requirements. This gives feedback on the fit for purpose of made architectural decisions and possible improvement areas with respect to the architecture. The Task Switch B.V. consultant is able to help implementing improvement proposals.


Improvement Workshops

Set up and facilitation of improvement workshops. The target of an improvement workshop is to emphasize all good points in a project and to address project improvement points. First a plan is set up, resulting from one or more interviews. The workshop is facilitated by the Task Switch B.V. consultant. The workshop results are presented to management and to the project team. Of course the process of implementing improvements can be conducted by the Task Switch B.V. consultant.

An improvement workshop typically takes place in the course of a project. This will boost the project execution. The workshop can also be used as an evaluation session at the end of a project.


Project Management

Management of one or more projects. From project start until project end. Management of multi disciplined projects for both products in the professional market and the consumer market. Management of software development teams. The Task Switch B.V. project manager has a broad experience in the area of technical software development and management of technical teams.